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A well-established dance academy in Berkshire

Established in 1985, we are a well-known dance academy in the local area. To enrol in one of our dance classes, speak to a member of our team.
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Our enrolment fees

When joining the Allenova School of Dancing, Berkshire, an enrolment fee of £40.00 is required. On enrolment, a term's notice is agreed and signed by all parents. Once this has been given, a confirmation slip will be issued from our Thatcham office and sent to parents.
Termly fees are charged and current prices are available on request.
To discuss enrolment onto our dance classes or to find out about our term dates, contact us today.
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Refund of enrolment fee

Providing a handwritten term's notice is given, the enrolment fee will be refunded when your child leaves the school. The confirmation slip can be used to redeem the enrolment fee at the end of term. This must be posted to the office and upon receipt, we will send out the refunded enrolment deposit.
All confirmation slips must be redeemed within a 3 month period.
The Allenova School of Dancing has a strict policy in place regarding notice. Parents must understand that a full term's notice must be adhered to. Without the confirmation slip and term's notice, no refund of enrolment fees will be issued and a full term's fees will also be charged. Where notice is not given or a term's fee is not provided in lieu of failed notice, further arrangements will be put in place to recover the amount owed.
Notice received after half-term will not be accepted, and therefore the following half-term fees will be payable to recover the notice. Parents are contacted through a third party in relation to fees if the notice contract is ignored. Please note, our adult refundable enrolment fee is £20.
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A school with exceptionally high standards

Allenova is a school that can develop and push your child to reach their full potential. 
We nurture and develop every child ... giving equal opportunities to all. 
Offering weekday classes for those that want to come along and try a dance class for fun and enjoyment. 
At Allenova pupils are given a chance to attend our special 'Technical Development programme ' which is taught by the principal.  
These special classes aim to develop and strengthen technique and teach the dancers artistry and performance skills.
Saturday College is another opportunity for young performers from the age of 9 to experience 6 hours of training in all genres from Ballet to Acrobatic dance
And includes RAD Ballet , ISTD Modern , Tap and national , NATD Ballroom Latin and Disco and LAMDA Drama and Musical theatre exam work. 
"Dear Miss Tanya I wanted to say a big thank you for all my ballet classes. I have really enjoyed every class and I’ve had so many great experiences like the medal tests that were always fun and the modelling photo shoots which I also enjoyed lots. Thank you so much!"
- Beth
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Considering enrolling in our Berkshire dance school. 
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